Why you need https on your site

First and foremost, https makes your website secure for your users. Without https, data sent between your website and your users can potentially be intercepted, monitored or even altered by a 3rd party as it traverses the internet.

Security is a top priority for Google and back in August 2016 they announced https would to be used as a ranking single to encourage webmaster to use encryption. Continuing their mission for a safer web, from this month Google will highlight all sites which collect passwords and credit card data without https encryption as ‘Non-secure’ to visitors. You can learn more about this update on Google’s official blog. 

To install confidence in your clients and help Google look favourably on your site we recommend you make the move to https as soon as possible. You can enable https on your website with a free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is available on all Cloud Hosting packages.

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