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Why Choose Cloud Hosting for your Business?

 1-220x146What’s Cloud Hosting? When you buy a Cloud Hosting plan, you rent space on our servers for the files and databases that make up your website. We take care of all the technical server-side hosting requirements. You can build and manage your site through our control panel.
Our hosting platform is designed to give you an enjoyable and reliable hosting experience. Websites hosted on the cloud are spread over multiple servers. Should any of the servers become unresponsive, there’ll always be another to take over the load. Ultimately, this means you can trust in its reliability and know your visitors will be able to view your website without disruption.

We built the Cloud Hosting platform and control panel in-house with your needs in mind. You’ll find the control panel is bursting with flexible management tools, yet it’s exceptionally easy to use.


Can I hide my personal details from the WHOIS database? Yes. Our Host7up  Privacy Protection addon replaces your personal details with our details in the WHOIS database.


Do you offer a Cloud Hosting free trial? We don’t have a free trial, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all Cloud Hosting plans. Try our Cloud Hosting and if for any reason you decide not to stick with it, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.


Our Cloud Hosting is renowned for its speed. And we’re constantly developing new features and adding capacity so it stays fast. We understand it’s important for your customers to access your website as quickly as possible.


 We’ll give you plenty of warning as you approach your limit, emailing you at 80, 90 and 100% of your usage. The cloud’s designed to be scalable. Whatever happens, we’ll never take your site offline without giving you time to act.


Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud hosting offers an online environment that could benefit your business by providing a stable, adaptable and cost-effective alternative to running your own servers.